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  4. To avoid pressure drop....!
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    Azeotropic distillation was deep and conceptually explained via ternary diagram representation. But can't explained role of entrainer application that still simplest method of such kind of distillation.
  6. hello friends i am a fresher graduate student in chemical engineering... also i m doing mtech in paint technology..

  7. I am DCS enginner (Urea plant Chemical) working in Tata chemicals limited.

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      Can u guide me through the process of getting job in Tata Chemicals as freshers.


  8. Pipephase from schneider (before SimSci) is used for hydraulic calculations in pipe networks. Pro-II ifrom schneider (before SimSci) is used for HMB in refinery, exploration and oil and gas facilities, among others. Aspen Hysis from AspenOne Suite is used for HMB in refinery, exploration and oil and gas facilities, among others with more accuracy depending of the case. AspenPlus from AspenOne is used specifically for petrochemical facilities, ethanol and pharma facilities. Aspen EDR from AspenOne Suite and HTRI is used for thermal design of heat transfer equipments as Shell & Tube, Plate and Frame, Spiral Heat Exchanger, Furnace, Double Tube Heat Exchanger. etc. Korf is used for pump hydraulics system. Pipenet is used for fire fighting pump hydraulics systems as well as AFT Fathom and AFT Sprinkler. Visual flow is used for hydraulic calculation in pipe networks based on isometrics. DinSim, Olga, WinSim are used for cross country pipeline as dynamic calculations. Flarenet, Implant, Flaresim are used for flare analysis including all network. Pha Pro is used for Risk Studies as Hazop, Hazid, SIL as LOPA method). Quest from Canary, PHAST from DNVGL, Breeze from Trinity Consultants, Superchems from iomosaic principally for Quantitative Risk Assessment. Caesar-II is used for pipe flexibility calculations. PVELITE and Compress are used for mechanical design of pressure vessels. TANK and E-Tank are used for mechanical design of API 650 Tanks and API 653. Visio is used for PFD and P&ID drawings as well as AutoCAD, AutoPlant, SPPID. CadWorx and SP3D used for 3D sketch drawings to generate layouts, isometrics, BOM. Others for instruments calculation.
  9. You can download aspen 9/hysys 9/promax/pdms/gproms/chemcad/comsol/matlab/olga/pipenet/flaresim/pro treat/petrosim and many many software from for free with their keygen. please note that all of them were tested on windows 7 and may not work on windows 10. and you can download prv2size from below link for free: is an iranian/persian website. Please let me know if you can't fine the download links. please turn off your antivirus software while installing the software.
  10. Where should I get these software's....
  11. From Where I got these software's can u plz tell me.....
  12. Chemical process calculation is my favorable suject and then fluid mechanics then petroleum technology
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  14. My favorite subject is heat and mass transfer,fluid mechanics,thermodynamics too...
  15. If the radius of insulating material (That will be like a hollow cylinder) is less than or greater than Critical Radius than heat transfer will be high or the thickness should be =[( Rcritical-Rpipe)or critical insulation thickness] for decreasing heat loss.
  16. in any fluid mechanics problem . But solving it is very tough so we make some suitable assumptions and than proceed for easy calculation. and for calculation chemical engineers use software's like Matlab.
  17. Name :shubham sonawane Engineering college:college of engineering,pravaranagar Location (City/ Country):Ahnednagar,india Engineering Batch:2014-18 Engineering Company/ Dream company to work for Area of Interest:process design,Research and developement Project undertaken Any other info you want to share
  18. Aspen Matlab Comsol Unisim SolidWorks
  19. Name: Ajinkya Lad College: Sinhgad College Of . Engineering Location: Pune, Maharashtra , India. Education: Third year ( currently pursuing) Area of interest: process design, Research and development
  20. Various software useful to chem enggs and there applications : chemcad n aspen hyses aspen hysys is used for petrochemical and oil and gas industry, where as aspen plus and chemcad are used for speciality chemical and pharma. These are simulation softwares as u know all these and are basically used for predicting the results for ur system. Please note these are not design s/w. For example u can simulate a exchager in aspen hysys but for designing u need to use HTRI.Similarly there are softwares like korf which are used for pump hydraulics.For doing network hydraulics pipenet is used. For example cooling water network or steam network. For doing cross country pipeline olga can ve used. For sizing flare flarenet is used. For hazop studies one can use pha pro. For flare analysis wrt to burner flaresim is used. Apart from these are other software available like flowmaster this is used for surge analysis. So these are the major software used for designing in oil and gas sector.
  21. Aspen HYSYS Promax gproms chemcad prosim pdms autocad microsoft visio ( to draw pfd/pid) If you decide to purse education to Master and PhD, you'd better learn matlab, comsul, ansys and labview, but above list is a good ( not complete) one. Recently, I got familiar with below software: mysep to design separator iprsm to design safety valves prv2size to design safety valves ( free software) Iomosaic for process dafety you need both process simulators and equipment designer
  22. Experience in Oil & Gas, Petroleum, Refinery, Petrochemical, Power Generation, Chemical, Foods, etc. Heat transfer equipments design, Rotating Equipments design, pressure vessels, tanks, package units (vacuum systems, chemical injection, flare and relief, etc), towers, etc.
  23. My chemical engineering subject is in Petroleum, Polymers, Pulp and Paper. My specialization is in Environmental, Health and Safety. 20 years experience
  24. Process Design and Calculation, PFD/PID Development
  25. Name : Ali Golshan Engineering college: Illinois Institute of Technology Location (City/ Country): Chicago, U.S. Engineering Batch: 2016 Engineering Company/ Dream company to work for: UOP, BASF, KBR Area of Interest: Process Design Project undertaken: N/A
  26. Name : Mr. Amey Ekbote Engineering college: AISSMS COE Location (City/ Country): Pune-India Engineering Batch: 2016 Engineering Company/ Dream company to work for: Curr: Chemsys Process Engineering Pvt Ltd/ Drm: ExxonMobil, Saudi Aramco, BP Area of Interest: Process Engineering, Simulation, CFD Project undertaken: Turn Key & Simulation: Methanol Water Distillation, IPA-Water Distillation , Stripper Column , Biodiesel, Fluro-Chemical Distillation
  27. Name: sourav gorai Engineering college: Durgapur Institute Of Advanced Technology and Management Location: Durgapur, West Bengal. Engineering Batch: 2014-2018 Dream company: Iocl, Ongc Area of interest: process control project undertaken: Not yet
  28. Heat transfer , mass transfer , chemical reaction engineering, chemical engineering drawings
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