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    • The rate of decomposition of A is given by
      rA = - k C/(1+KC)2, k= 10min-1 and K = 10 mol/cm3, and C= concentration of A The reaction is to take place in a perfectly mixed reactor. a. Show that there is a possibility for multiple steady states when this reaction is carried out in a CSTR.
      b. The concentration of A in the feed is to be 1.5 mol/cm3 and conversion at the exit is to be 80%. What should be the average residence time? (Use a graphical method to solve the problem).
      b. For the Q/V you calculated in part A and the same CAf (i.e.1.5 mol/cm3), find the possible steady states by plotting the net input rate (f1) , net disappearance rate (f2) and accumulation rate (f) on the same figure.
      c. What is the range of the initial concentrations that will guarantee the desired steady state
      (80% conversion)?
      d. Find the unstable steady state concentration and demonstrate its instability by making a
      ±5 % perturbation around it. This implies that you will have to solve the transient mass
      balance equation for two different initial conditions . For each one of the cases, plot the
      concentration, the net input, net disappearance rate and accumulation rate of A as a
      function of time.
    • Can anyone solve this: Consider the reaction A -->C + D; this first order reaction is carried out in a batch reactor. What should be the conversion of A if we wish to maximize the overall productivity of C. Define any terms or parameters you may need. (Overall productivity = Number of moles of C produced /batch time which includes reaction time and down time).
    • where are the questions?
    • How I can know pressure of distillation column if gage pressure enters to distillation column 0.6 and . DC pressure 1 Atm(how its operate)
    • Hello. How can I know I will get concentration of Ammonia Hydroxide 3% and PH equal 10 when I injection of NH3 gas cylinder in tank of water 1m3. Hent:NH3 gas in cyliner when I open its valve measured by pressure (bar).