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    By using baffles we increase the turbulence of fluid and thus heat transfer coefficient increases. It also use to hold the tubes.
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    Hello Mr. X..in chemical industry jenerally software use I diff case is different In reactor specification best software...is ansys fluent Cre for chem cad
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    There is sniffer test done for identifying heat exchanger tube rupture. Basically a hydrocarbon detector is used in the cooling water return line to detect if any hydrocarbon is coming in return water. In case of heat exchange between 2 different med, it can be predicted by temperatures of shell and tube side. However for single tube leak or leaks from few tubes it may be difficult to identify, except if there is some reactivity defined.
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    Time of contact between hot and cold fluid is larger in 2-2 than that in 1-1. That's why 2-2 is more efficient.
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    1.residance time of vertical is HX is very less than that of horizontal Hx 2.vertical HX runs with dropwise condensation and horizonta HX runs with flimwise.
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    Heat is energy in transit and temperature is a measure of degree of coldness or hotness of a substance.
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    Heat is a form of energy while temperature is a measure of hotness of a substance.