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    What is the Arrhenius equation used for? You can ▪ Answer this question ▪ Like the best answer ▪ Share to get more answers
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    Can an Atom have existence of life in it. Yes can be...!!! Science, is a subject that makes a rule on whatever we observer and can be proved repeatedly via experiment. So, according to Science; what ever we dream is not possible since that can not be proven. What if I tell you Scientific TOOLS that are used for Experiment are a BOTTLENECK. Since, they can not connect with our visualization. There comes the ANALOGY in picture to overcome the bottleneck and connect you with your past, present and future or what ever you visualize/dream. Analogy is one thing that can take our visualization to any extent. Basically, people use Analogies daily in their life; but can't feel that they have used it. Since they don't realize it. I will try to take you to a tour where you would learn what is an analogy and how to use it. I have an analogy and that came when I use to dream about Atoms in bed during my schooling. I use to think that an atom is an analogy to our solar system; where its Nucleus is an analogy to Sun and revolving Electrons is an analogy to Planets revolving around Sun. So, why do you think this analogy should work to prove that atoms may have existence of life in it...? In books Electrons are mentioned as dumble shaped cloud rotating around Nucleus. They(Electron) have negative charge which keeps them attracted to a positively charged protons present in Nucleus...!!! Aaha, what a theory. . May be...!!! Basically, Electron is a mass and should have same properties as masses, for e.g. we use to launch our satellite and keep them stable around Earth. The theory of mass says that two masses attract each other and the attraction is directly proportional to respective masses and inversely to distance between them. Don't you think instead of charge theory which says presence of charge on Electron and Protons(in Nucleus); they are attracted/attached to each other by theory of mass and hence electron are stable and keep rotating and revolving around its Nucleus. Every thing in books is an opinion / personal observations or theory about things which are deep to understand. I too am putting my analogy here between an Atom and Solar system for you all to understand existence of life in an Atom. Now here's my Analogy...!!! As per my analogy, Electrons are similar to any planets which revolves around Sun(Nucleus) and also may have existence of life similar to Earth. The Scientist used to call Electron as a Cloud. The speed at which earth is rotating around Sun can be seen, proven and calculated b Science. But on other hand if we consider Electrons; they too are rotating and revolving, the only difference is the speed at which this is happening. If we were able to capture the picture at this speed (which is a bottleneck for Science) then it would have been easier to believe that it is not a cloud but a system which is similar to something we have in nature and we won't call it as a cloud; instead we would call this as something similar to solar system and is very very tiny. The cloud theory of electron tells that, there are another masses rotating around Electron like we have moon around Earth at high speed making our eyes believe that its a cloud. Thank you...!!!
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    What is the difference between distillation and fractionation? You can ▪ Answer this question ▪ Like the best answer ▪ Share to get more answers

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