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    Sustainability of Ethanol and Other Biofuels Sustainable H2 Production from Next Generation Nuclear Plants Fluorescent Tracing in Process Control Hospital Waste Management Microfluidics Membrane Bioreactor-An Excellent Option for Wastewater Treatment Modern Air Pollution Control Technologies New Polymerization Technology for Advanced Materials Processing of semiconductor materials Tidal Energy Harvesting Particle Reinforced Aluminium Matrix Composites Modern Air Pollution Control Technologies Biomass Fuelled Power Plant Recycling of Plastics Synthesis of Nanostructured Materials Fuel Cells and Sustainable Development Ozone in Water Treatment Particle Reinforced Aluminium Matrix Composites Phytoremediation Plant-made pharmaceuticals Membrane Bioreactors (MBR) Noise Pollution and Control in Chemical Industry Air permit Industrial PVC Formulation Fluorescence Spectroscopy Polarography Concentrating Solar Power Chemometrics Wind Power in France Biological Applications Of Macromolecules Fluorimetry Future for Next Generation of Nuclear Power Plants Radiation Processing of Polymers Inventory and Flow Control in Complex Process Networks Photon spectroscopy Polymer Processing Thermophotovoltaics Natural and Fabricated NanoBiomaterials Biomass for Carbon Sequestration Non-proliferation and Growth of Nuclear Fuels: Iran DLVO theory Safety in the Chemical Process Industry Nanoparticle Bonding Technology for Advanced Materials Universal Heat Mining Functional Genomics Solar Power Satellites Composite Materials Coal Bed Methane as NG Source Turbine Selection Issues for Wind Sequestration and Impacts on Carbon Trading Markets Supercritical Fluids Computational Fluid Dynamics Polymer Science and Engineering Hydrogen - Fuel for the Future? Recent Development Industrial Catalysis Chemical Weapons Processing Of Polymeric Materials Distributed Energy Generation Environmental Application of Supercritical Fluid Technology Cell Cultivation Microemulsion Polymerization
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    Please share about the project you have undertaken during your engineering education... or the one you are pursuing or want to take... lets make a list of interesting projects
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    Conversion of pressure energy to kinetic energy
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    Energy efficiency tip of the day (why you should care about energy efficiency?) What if we stopped looking at energy efficiency as choice and start looking at it as our future? Think of all energy alternatives that we have as oil, natural gas and coal we all know that we have to find alternatives as wind and solar but you may be surprised to know that the cheapest energy or power is the one you never used and the power you don’t use don't pollute. With the current energy challenges that we all facing, we should think of energy efficiency as a hidden source of energy to our countries that we need reveal. Reducing our demand had its cost but it outweighs by the benefits, for example for each dollar invested in energy efficiency at consumer side, three dollars can be saved at the power production side. So it is a simple equation if we shifted our mindset and managed to decreased our demand everyone wins, the business owners Will decrease their operation cost, the governments will direct the saved energy to other places where it is truly need it as community hospitals, schools and new cities. If we are all commit to become more energy efficient in our homes and industries, it will make a difference in our life's, business, communities or even our planet, because the cheapest and cleanest form of energy is actually efficiency. Engineers with other stakeholders can play a major role to explore energy efficiency opportunities in their facilities and establish an energy management system to sustain their energy savings. In order to walk the talk I started the daily energy efficiency tip of the day to work as an eye opener for the credible opportunities in industrial sector. In the next articles I will discuss how chemical engineers can develop their career in energy management field as Energy managers, Energy efficiency engineers, Energy auditors and other related rules. Many industrial authorities in different places worldwide started promoting energy management programs and systems in their industrial and commercial sectors but still more efforts need to be done everywhere. If you believe that you want to play a role to serve your industry and community please provide your opinions about how we can promote energy efficiency mindset in our industries? http://360proactiveengineer.com/energy-efficiency-tip-of-the-day-why-you-should-care-about-energy-efficiency/ www.360proactiveengineer.com