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    View this quiz Furnace Technology Quiz 3 Lets check your knowledge on Furnace Technology.Take quiz on it and check your command on the topic Encourage your friends do same . Submitter Arpana Jain Time 10 minutes Type Graded Mode Submitted 05/18/2017 Category Chemical engineering quiz  
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    Heat Transfer

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 65/100 My Time 441 seconds  
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    Can anyone solve this: Consider the reaction A -->C + D; this first order reaction is carried out in a batch reactor. What should be the conversion of A if we wish to maximize the overall productivity of C. Define any terms or parameters you may need. (Overall productivity = Number of moles of C produced /batch time which includes reaction time and down time).
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    You can download aspen 9/hysys 9/promax/pdms/gproms/chemcad/comsol/matlab/olga/pipenet/flaresim/pro treat/petrosim and many many software from downloadly.ir for free with their keygen. please note that all of them were tested on windows 7 and may not work on windows 10. and you can download prv2size from below link for free: http://valvesizing.pentair.com/home/Software/PRV2SIZEoverview.aspx downloadly.ir is an iranian/persian website. Please let me know if you can't fine the download links. please turn off your antivirus software while installing the software.
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    Where should I get these software's....

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