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Kishore Kumar Vudamala : Dear Saurabh Jain pump n compressor both are machines which can be used to displace fluids from one place to other. But compressor can never be used for liquids. Where as pump can be used mainly for liquids, but also some times for gases too (Vacuum pump). Second point is volume in pump displacement is constant, where as in the case of compressor volume will be reduced.

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Pumps provide head to the fluid so that it can be transferred from one place to another. It does not pressurize the fluid, It simply transfers momentum. It is used for liquids as well as gases at low pressure and high volume.

Compressor: as the name suggests,it has the ability to compress gas and then the valve opens to deliver the gas at that pressure. It is used for gases at high pressure and low volumes such that it pressurizes the gas inside the device body. It provides pressure energy to the fluid.

Thus every compressor is a pump but every pump is not a compressor.

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