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3 minutes ago, Shakeel Ahmed said:

The reciprocating pump works cylindrical capillary action,

And Centrifugal pump works on principle of Centrifugal force.

Correct!! Any other differences?

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For the centrifuge pump,  it has a clockwise rotation of blade that pull fluid from inlet to out in form of cycle while reciprocate pump are lite injectors. 

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centrifugal pumps, are used for high flow rates and low pressure while reverse its hig pressure and low flow where we use reciprocating pumps, mechanical construction of both are different, operation of both pumps are different.

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Centrifugal pump is use  for pumping low viscous fluids  where as PD pump is use  for high viscous fluid 

centrifugal pump is use when  we  required  continuous high flow rate where as  PD PUMP for low flow rate 

Centrifugal works on centrifugal force and  PD works as, first it  will  suck and  then discharge with  the help of piston 

Priming has  to  be done in centrifugal pump to avoid cavitation,  no  need  such  activity in PD pump 

Note : PD means  positive displacement 


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Centrifugal pumps and positive displacement pumps are the teo major classes of pumps. 

Positive displacement pumps directly apply pressure on liquids by reciprocating of piston or by rotating members which form chambers alternatively filled and emptied.


Centrifugal pumps on the other hand generates high rotational velocities and then convert resulting kinetic energy of the liquid to pressure energy.

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 Centrifugal Pump use Impeller to flow the liquid, while P.D pumps use screw, gear or piston etc to flow the liquid.

Centrifugal pumps usually use for high flow rate and low pressure while P.D pumps use for the opposite operation of centrifugal pump.

Centrifugal gives continuous flow of liquid while PD pumps give Pulsive flow with high pressure.

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