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As per my understanding when fluid is a gas, it's 02 heads I.e. kinetic and Potential head act as similar to that of liquid does but when Pressure head is taken in to consideration, it remains constant if the system is adiabatic. I.e. if internal energy of the system is constant than Pv will be same at different pressures so the head balance will remain as such and it will exhibit Bernoullis behavior. As no system is ideal there for not adiabatic completely so in this case gases can exhibit but with some error because of temperature change. 

Hope my answer is easy to understand for all

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On 7/11/2017 at 6:32 AM, Elyes helali said:

Bernoulli equation can be applicated to all type of fluids. But you should pay attention if it's a newtenien fluid or not. And in this case the gas is a newtenien one 

What is a newtenien fluid? 

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