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Chemical Engineering Community


Your suggestions will be appreciated

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Thanks for joining the chemical engineering community,

Nothing happens on its own...

Our objective -

  • We want to make it one of the best knowledge resource for chemical engineering professions...
  • We want to grow as community where members interact and are willing to share knowledge and ready to discuss technological ideas.

Just admin can't do it....

so the question is how to go forward....

  • 1. We need to spread the word... encourage students, professors,  fresh engineers, senior engineers, industry experts join this community
  • 2. We need to have new content, notes, industry practices, technology news, quiz, tutorials.white papers..
  • 3 Guidance in career for students and engineers
  • 4 placement assistance - internships and job listings
  • 5 And many more... feel free to add 

With this post, I request all members to give a though... 

Look forward for your active participation.



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This is will be great step toward the development of chemical engineering community. I feel chemical engineering is not recognized as other engineering field basically because we didn't grow the community well enough. 

It will be great to have design and simulation topics active and also new innovation and aspects that are yet to be revealed ( I mean we should make everyone aware of challenges that need to be solved by us)

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