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Q) what is Mixer Settler ?

The MIXER- SETTLER is a revolutionary new device, which makes phase separation automatic and simple, irrespective of the concentration of two phases (interface height). The mixer settler is the name given to a type of EXTRACTOR made up of a number of mixing and settling chambers connected alternately in series. In the mixing chambers optimum mass transfer is achieved by through mixing of two phases with the aid of pumps and stirrers. In the simplest case, the MIXER -SETTLER consist of adjustable overflow valve, stirrer drive assembly and settling zone.

The MIXER SETTLER has a wide application in the chemical process industry, particularly in : 

1) Azeotropic Distillation

2) Extractive Distillation

3) Steam Distillation

4) Esterification Reaction

5) Any other process, calling for separation and recycle of two immiscible liquid phases.

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