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Rotational Particle Separator Demister Design

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Gas containing a mist of droplets enters the unit via a tangential
inlet. First coarse droplets, larger than 10 mm, are
separated in the pre-separator section. The pre-separator acts
as a cyclone and collects the droplets in the stationary pre-separator
collection volute. This liquid leaves via the tangentially
connected pre-separator liquid outlet.
The gas stream, containing the remaining mist of mainly micron-
sized droplets, enters the rotating element. In the design point the rotating element can be driven by
the impulse of the rotating flow. An external drive and freewheel
can be added for rotating speed, and thus separation,
control. While traveling in the axial direction through the rotating
channels, the droplets are driven to the channel walls by
centrifugal force and coagulate into a thin film. The
rotating element thus acts as a droplet coalescer. For optimal
film behavior and minimal pressure drop the flow direction
through the element is downward out of the channels.
Due to gravitational and shear forces, the film is forced
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