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    The files attached here are handy notes of core chemical engg subjects.
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    Heuristics in Chemical Engineering Rule of Thumb for Engineers Although experienced engineers know where to find information and how to make accurate computations, they also keep a minimum body of information in mind on the ready, made up largely of shortcuts and heuristics. The present compilation may fit into such a minimum body of information, as a boost to the memory or extension in some instances into less often encountered areas. Topics included COMPRESSORS AND VACUUM PUMPS CONVEYORS FOR PARTICULATE SOLIDS COOLING TOWERS CRYSTALLIZATION FROM SOLUTION DISINTEGRATION • DISTILLATION AND GAS ABSORPTION A DISTILLATION AND GAS ABSORPTION B DISTILLATION AND GAS ABSORPTION C DRIVERS AND POWER REOCVERY EQUIPMENT DRYING OF SOLIDS • EVAPORATORS EXTRACTION, LIQUID-LIQUID • FILTRATION FLUIDIZATION OF PARTICLES WITH GASES HEAT EXCHANGERS INSULATION MIXING AND AGITATION PARTICLE SIZE ENLARGEMENT PIPING PUMPS REACTORS REFRIGERATION SIZE SEPARATION OF PARTICLES UTILITIES: COMMON SPECIFICATIONS VESSELS (DRUMS) VESSELS (PRESSURE) VESSEL (STORAGE TANKS)