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    1) instrument air and plant air 2) service water 3)dm water 4) cooling water 5) potable water and fire water 6) nitrogen various pressure 7)steam various pressure 8)power
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    1.Boilers 2.Steam 3.Pumps 4.Valves 5.Pipes These are the basic utilities,I think so it is.
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    this concept is similar to the natural convection and forced convection heat transfer. MOLECULAR DIFFUSION: the driving force for diffusion is concentration gradient EXAMPLE: If we take a cup of tea and add a sugar cube and wait for diffusion naturally (diffusion cause due to molecular motion from high region concentration to law region concentration) It will take so much time for diffusion EDDY DIFFUSION: Provide any external force for mass transfer.assume the same example mention above. rate of mass transfer is higher then molecular diffusion.
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    Power Fire Fighting Water Utility Water Demineralized Water Cooling Water Seawater Steam (different pressures, as req.) Nitrogen Instrument Air Hypochlorite Product Storage
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    Dilipkumar  B

    What is the use of steam jet ejectors?

    Steam ejector is helpful to create a vacuum in process equipment let's take an example in a process plant there is only stripper of distillation here their was a steam jet ejector it sucks the 8 bar steam out if distillation and sent this steam to process and on the other hand it is creating a vacuum inside the stripper so there are 2 advantage
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    Mostly the process plant utilities will consists of Steam boiler, Cooling tower, Ejectors, Chillers, Raw water source etc.
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    Coagulation is a process in which a coagulant disperses in the forms of ions (preferably positive charged ions) while mixing in water or other aqueous solution. Dispersed ions of coagulant neutralizes or destabilizes negatively charged colloidal particles suspended in the solution. Flocculation is a process in which a coagulant produces gelatinous precipitate (called floc) generally hydroxide compound which has property of arresting suspended impurities in water or aqueous solution. These flocs ( in the shape of balls) become heavy with adhered (adsorbed) impurities and settle down during its downward motion towards bottom of the vessel. This processes is called Flocculation.
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    Abhishek Choubey

    What is the use of steam jet ejectors?

    It helps to create a vacuum system as in vacuum evaporator for example.
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    centrifugal pumps, are used for high flow rates and low pressure while reverse its hig pressure and low flow where we use reciprocating pumps, mechanical construction of both are different, operation of both pumps are different.
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    As per my understanding when fluid is a gas, it's 02 heads I.e. kinetic and Potential head act as similar to that of liquid does but when Pressure head is taken in to consideration, it remains constant if the system is adiabatic. I.e. if internal energy of the system is constant than Pv will be same at different pressures so the head balance will remain as such and it will exhibit Bernoullis behavior. As no system is ideal there for not adiabatic completely so in this case gases can exhibit but with some error because of temperature change. Hope my answer is easy to understand for all
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    yes While using equation we have to just take care of assumptions that fluid is incompressible, inviscous, and has a constant density throughout its motion.
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    Filteration is a process in which we purify fluid through filter paper or any process by means of mesh screen etc while sedimentation is a process in which the particals settle down at the bottom of the container and fluid remains at the top, particles settle down due to gravity. The aim of the both proceses are same but method, efficiency are different.
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    Relative volatility is the basis of distillation and toluene is relatively high volatile compound then water.
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    Bernoullis equation is based on First law of thermodynamics and yes it can be used for gases. Measuring flow through orifice or ventury meters depends on this equation and is widely used in industry for gas flow measurement.
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    Because the vaporization temperature of toluene is lower than the vaporisation temperature of water in the same pressure
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    Utilities are the various streams to achieve the desired product which may include air system, steam , boiler, process water , cooling system, instrumentation, etc.
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    Basically utilities are various streams which help in achieving the production of various chemicals. For eg., low pressure steam,service water,service air form part of utilities which will be available throughout the plant.The purpose is heating, cooling,cleaning respectively.
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    Adil Bari

    What are the various utilities of a process plant?

    The utilities of a plant includes 1. Air compressor 2. Cooling water tower 3. Steam boiler 4. Reverse osmosis unit 5. Degassifier
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    Saurabh Raychura

    Mixing and Agitation

    Agitation refers to the induced motion of a material is a specified way, for example circular motion in standard CSTR, The entirely different operation from agitation is mixing.(the concept of phase homogeneity) Mixing is the random distribution of two or more phases. let's take a tank with cold water, it can be agitated but not mixed, to call it a mixing operation you have to add hot water which has different state of condition from cold water. Now the same tank has taken up from agitation operation to mixing operation.

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