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    Thank you for appreciating. And I'm still studying. 5th sem finals from tomorrow. Hahaha.
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    No, Ali. These blueprints are universal. Actually, these blueprints were made in Autodesk Inventor. But I made these parts in AutoCAD because I wanted to make a complex model to practice.
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    for the convection, you need materials. For example if you have a 2 metal plate, you need air or any other fluid for convection type of heat transfer between metal plates. For the radiation, You don't need it. For example Sun and Earth
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    Convection occurs between a solid object and a fluid which is in motion through the warmer part of the fluid. Natural convection occurs due to density difference in the molecules of fluid due to temp. Gradient. Forced convection occurs due to forced motion of the fluid through external force such as fam,pump ,moving object etc. Radiation occurs through the electromagnetic waves. It does not require a medium for transport of energy
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    Thank you for sharing your knowledge!! Please keep sharing by answering the other questions as well!!