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  1. I just completed this quiz. My Score 61/100 My Time 543 seconds  
  2. neerut

    Chemical Engineering Quiz 2

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 76/100 My Time 422 seconds  
  3. neerut

    Pluralsight course anyone?

    Here you go --- 1) Open below link in new tab 2) If you already have an Microsoft account then login with it or else just Sign-up for a new account and an verification email will be sent 3) verify the Email and login to your account (bookmark step 1 Link for fast access.) 4) And thats it you get a whole pack of developer tools, Training Tutorials Etc.
  4. neerut


    For the post of the moderator, nominate yourself here. This club would be needing 3 new moderators for active functioning.
  5. neerut

    Petroleum Refinery Engineering

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 90/100 My Time 443 seconds  
  6. until
    CYANIDE is the time of celebration at Panjab University Campus.Cyanide aims at providing the students with an atmosphere of creativity and group participation. Each year Marathons, Blood Donation Camp, Workshops, Cultural Night, DJ Night, Games, Quizzes and lots of other interesting activities are conducted during Cyanide to make sure that the participating students and the audience both are fully entertained as well as there are lots of exciting prizes to be won. The conscientious and hard-working boys and girls put in immense toil to make this event a success. More than 5000 students of premier engineering colleges from all over the Northern region are expected to participate in this fiesta. CYANIDE'18 promises to be an exhilarating experience packed with fun, excitement, and merriment. UNLEASH THE BEAST WITHIN...!!!!!
  7. Long time, no see. Some mistake on my part as well. So to mend them, I have found an excellent training solution for you guys. I know many of you may have thought of taking your AutoCAD skills to the next level. So, if anyone wants to get 3-month access to the awesome portal of Pluralsight (formerly known as Digital Tutors), just reply here or DM me. Looking forward to an active response. Don't miss this opportunity. Oh, and this does not have any limit on how many members can avail this offer. (Don't forget to take the AutoCAD path preliminary test to judge your skills and post them here. For the curious ones, I had a score of 169, before taking the Pluralsight path. So no doubt it may have improved like it will for you.)
  8. neerut

    Shared Assets

    Thank you for appreciating. And I'm still studying. 5th sem finals from tomorrow. Hahaha.
  9. neerut

    Shared Assets

    No, Ali. These blueprints are universal. Actually, these blueprints were made in Autodesk Inventor. But I made these parts in AutoCAD because I wanted to make a complex model to practice.
  10. neerut

    Shared Assets

    Seen by all, replied by none. That attitude is going to lead us nowhere. You all must have joined this club because you use AutoCAD or you want to learn AutoCAD. So the latter should share something and the former must ask something. That's how a club operates. Feel free to PM me anytime.
  11. neerut


    33 views and no reply. What is keeping you all from introducing yourselves? Just give a brief introduction in a line or 2.
  12. I just went into the 3rd year of my Chemical Engineering degree at SSBUICET, Panjab University. I am a little confused as to what to do in my Junior year of ChemEngg. Any suggestions regarding the skills or any experience I should get? Constructive suggestions are highly appreciated!
  13. Hi all. I have been thinking that one of us besides me should be the club moderator. So, whoever wants to grab that position, reply to this topic and I'll surely get back to you.
  14. neerut

    Be ACTIVE!

    I am seeing such lethargic behaviour from the club members. Guys! Be active in this club. We have to work together to make this a CAD enthusiasts' preferred destination. Please, I ask for your support and atleast reply to the posts. Looking forward to your questions and contributions.
  15. neerut

    Shared Assets

    Hi all! Here I have uploaded mechanical blueprints for a 6-cyl Radial Engine I used to practice AutoCAD. Do give your opinion and don't forget to share your blueprints too! Nirwan Assembly Crankshaft.pdf Assembly Piston.pdf Assembly.pdf Bearing Holder.pdf Bearing Stand.pdf Connecting Rod Hub.pdf Connecting Rod.pdf Crankcase Cover.pdf Crankcase Gasket.pdf Crankcase.pdf Crankshaft Counterweight.pdf Crankshaft Pin.pdf Crankshaft Valve Crank.pdf Crankshaft.pdf Cylinder Head Bolt.pdf Cylinder Head Gasket.pdf Cylinder Head.pdf Cylinder.pdf Flywheel.pdf Piston Compression Ring.pdf Piston.pdf Stand.pdf Valve Housing.pdf Valve.pdf