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    We the Recyclerz- Blog focusing on Recycling and Waste management

    Sure definitely. I will be sharing links every time in publish a post. Please do check out our Facebook and Instagram. We are uploading informative content daily. Instagram : @We_the_recyclerz
  2. Rohit Chidurala

    Please share your Engineering profile

    Name : Rohit Chidurala Engineering college : Chaitanya Bharathi Institute of Technology Location (City/ Country) : Hyderabad/ India Engineering Batch : 2016 Engineering Company/ Dream company to work for : Build my own company Area of Interest : Recycling and Waste management Project undertaken : None Any other info you want to share : I am currently running a blog called 'We the Recyclerz' Link: Prutha Shah likes this
  3. Greetings to everybody..!! My name is Rohit Chidurala from Hyderabad, India. I have recently started blog on Recycling and Waste management, which focuses on Empowering and encouraging more entrepreneurs in this sector. Please do visit our site and share your review. Blog link: Facebook: Instagram: @We_the_recyclerz