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  1. Diffusion is spreading out of molecules due to random thermal motion of the molecules and is characterized by molecules behaving as 'random walkers'
  2. Pumps provide head to the fluid so that it can be transferred from one place to another. It does not pressurize the fluid, It simply transfers momentum. It is used for liquids as well as gases at low pressure and high volume. Compressor: as the name suggests,it has the ability to compress gas and then the valve opens to deliver the gas at that pressure. It is used for gases at high pressure and low volumes such that it pressurizes the gas inside the device body. It provides pressure energy to the fluid. Thus every compressor is a pump but every pump is not a compressor.
  3. Prutha Shah

    Difference between convection and radiation

    Convection occurs between a solid object and a fluid which is in motion through the warmer part of the fluid. Natural convection occurs due to density difference in the molecules of fluid due to temp. Gradient. Forced convection occurs due to forced motion of the fluid through external force such as fam,pump ,moving object etc. Radiation occurs through the electromagnetic waves. It does not require a medium for transport of energy
  4. Prutha Shah

    Polymer Technology

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    Process Control and Instrumentation

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  6. Prutha Shah

    Process Control and Instrumentation

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 89/100 My Time 148 seconds  
  7. Most probably effectiveness will increase on doubling the length of heat Exchanger.
  8. Prutha Shah

    What is meant by hindered settling?

    settling at reduced velocity due to interactions with other particles.
  9. Baffles create turbulence in the flow of shell side fluid in heat Exchanger hence increasing the rate of heat transfer.but baffles create pressure drop in heat Exchangers.hence they must be designed such that pressure drop doesn't exceed the allowable pressure. Supports the tubes and prevent them for sagging in long heat Exchangers..also reduce vibrations in heat Exchangers.
  10. Prutha Shah

    What is dew point?

    The atmospheric temprature below which the water droplets start condensing and dew is is the moisture content in the atmosphere. Relative humidity tells how close the air temp. Is to the dew point temp.closer d value, higher is humidity.
  11. Variable area meter: Variable area ,variable flowrate ,pressure constant. Area is adjusted to keep the pressure constant and this change is proportional to the flowrate. Eg.rotameter,cylinder and piston type flowmeters. Variable head meter: Variable pressure, variable flowrate,area constant.flow is proportional to sqrt(∆p). Eg.orifice meter, venturimeter
  12. Whose efficiency is better?
  13. Simple distillation condenses the liquid only once whereas fractional distillation condenses it many times. Also boiling point difference should be high for simple distillation.boiling point difference should be low ( less than 40°C ) for fractional distillation.
  14. Prutha Shah

    What is the use of steam jet ejectors?

    What is thermocompressor? And what is the mechanism of multi effect evaporator? What is asphalt unit?
  15. Why it takes more time to distill out water then toluene? You can ▪ Answer this Question ▪ Like the best answer ▪ Share to get more answers