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  1. The world is getting so intelligent with process control.

    IGSS stands for Interactive Graphical SCADASupervisory Control & Data Acquisition System and is designed to monitor and control industrial processes. The system is designed to automate and support the daily work processes associated with supervising an industrial plant. It targets two types of users:

    • The system designer who makes a model of the industrial plant with the development tools and
    • The operator who monitors and controls the plant using the runtime tools


    1. Suryanarayana


      Hello Sir,

      Could you please give some information on Anti-surge Control system. I understood that anti surge valve will be opened upon sudden increase in pressure or flowrate in a system. For example, Compressor outlet side, pressure transmitters and flow transmitters send signals to the Anti surge Control system. Same way, anti surge valve will be operated to maintain the certain pressure in the inlet side of the compressor hence, pressure transmitters and flow transmitters are provided to send signals to the same anti surge control system. So, I am interested to know how does the anti-surge control system work, what type of controllers will be used (like P, PI, PID etc). I felt, as inlet and outlet of the compressor are controlled through the same control system that means it is multi set point controller (two set points like inlet pressure and outlet pressure).

      Thanks & Regards